British Airways Revamps Avios Earning: The Details You’ve Been Waiting For

You’ve been patiently waiting for details on the impending changes to how you’ll earn Avios with British Airways. The airline has finally revealed how the revamped loyalty program will work when the new rules take effect in October. Whether you’re a frequent leisure traveler racking up miles for that dream vacation or a road warrior loyal to British Airways, the revised program aims to make it easier to earn Avios through flying and new bonus opportunities.

However, some changes may cost you more or make it harder to earn specific rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about how British Airways transforms its Avios program and what it means for you and your travel dreams.

British Airways Announces Changes to Avios Earning Structure

British Airways

British Airways recently announced changes to their Avios frequent flyer program earning structure. Effective October 2021, the number of Avios members can earn on British Airways flights will depend on the type of ticket purchased rather than the distance flown.

According to the revised policy, those who purchase Economy Light or Economy Classic fares will earn fewer Avios compared to the current distance-based structure. Passengers with these discounted fares can expect to earn approximately 25-30% less Avios on short-haul and domestic UK flights and up to 50% less on long-haul flights. However, there are no changes for passengers who purchase flexible Economy.

Premium or Business/First class fares. They will continue to earn at the same rates

The new policy aims to reward better customers who pay higher fares or travel frequently. While the devaluation of Avios on lower fares may disappoint some leisure travelers and those on a budget, the good news is British Airways Executive Club members will have more opportunities to earn bonus Avios. The airline frequently runs promotions awarding bonus Avios for booking higher fare types or on selected routes.

British Airways is significantly changing its Avios program to benefit big spenders and frequent flyers. The new distance-based earning structure rewards passengers who purchase premium fares, fly more often, or take advantage of promotions. For the average traveler, the key is to keep an eye out for sales and bonus offers to boost your Avios balance. With some strategic planning, you can still maximize your Avios earnings and enjoy rewarding redemptions.

How You’ll Earn Avios on British Airways Flights Starting October 2023

British Airways

Starting in October 2023, British Airways is changing how you earn Avios on their flights. The new earning structure will be based primarily on the type of ticket purchased rather than your Executive Club membership tier.
This move aims to simplify the Avios earning process and make it fairer for all customers. Under the new system, the number of Avios earned will depend on:

  • Ticket type: You will earn more Avios for flexible Business Class and First Class tickets versus restricted Economy Class fares. For
    example, a full-fare Business Class ticket may achieve 200% Avios while a basic Economy ticket earns 50%.
  • Cabin class: Naturally, tickets in premium cabins with wider seats, upgraded amenities, and service will continue to earn more Avios than those in Economy Class.
  • Route distance: Longer international flights covering greater distances will earn more Avios than short domestic hops. For a flight from London to Singapore, you may receive up to triple the Avios of a flight from London to Edinburgh.

While your Executive Club membership tier will no longer directly determine how many Avios you earn on British Airways flights, the tier benefits and bonuses will remain unchanged. Gold and Silver members will continue enjoying 100% and 75% Avios bonuses, lounge access, and priority services.

The new Avios earning rates will apply to most British Airways flights booked from October 1, 2023, for travel starting October 2023. British Airways believes these changes will create a fairer and simpler rewards system for their most loyal flyers. Review the details on to understand how these updates may affect your future travel.

Earning Avios on Partner Airlines and Non-Flight Purchases

British Airways

British Airways recently announced changes to how customers can earn Avios points starting October 2021. Here are the essential facts you should be aware of:

Earning Avios on Partner Airlines

British Airways partners with several major airlines that are part of the Oneworld alliance and SkyTeam alliances. Currently, you can earn Avios when flying on select partner airlines based on the distance of your trip. The new changes will adjust how Avios are calculated on partner airlines. Instead of distance-based earning, you will now earn a fixed amount of Avios for every leg of travel on eligible world and SkyTeam partner airlines. The exact Avios amounts for each partner have yet to be announced.

Earning Avios on Non-Flight Purchases

In addition to flying, customers can rack up Avios points in several other ways, like using co-branded credit cards, booking hotels, and making purchases through the British Airways shopping portal. The upcoming changes aim to simplify non-flight Avios earnings and be more consistent across channels. For example, customers will earn a fixed 5 Avios for every $1 spent on hotels and car rentals booked through British Airways, up from 2 to 3 Avios per $1.

Changes will also be made to Avios earned for using co-branded credit cards, though the details still need to be revealed.
While the specific Avios rates for flights and non-flight purchases have not been disclosed, British Airways says the changes are designed to make the program easier to understand and more valuable for most customers. The new earning structure for Avios points on partner airlines and non-flight transactions will take effect on October 28, 2021. British Airways Executive Club members should check their accounts for the latest updates with all the details.

Maximizing Avios Earnings During the Transition Period

With British Airways revamping how Avios are earned starting October 2021, now is the time to maximize your earnings under the current system. Before the changes take effect, focus on the following to boost your Avios balance.

  • Book Higher Fare Classes

Booking premium Economy, business, or first-class tickets for the next few months will net you significantly more Avios than the new program. Those fare classes earn 125-300% more Avios than the standard rate. Come October, the difference in earnings between cabins will decrease. If your budget allows, treat yourself to an upgraded experience and gain a more significant Avios haul.

  • Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

British Airways frequently runs bonus Avios promotions on premium cabin bookings, especially around holidays. They also regularly offer double or triple Avios for booking specific routes or fare classes. Be on the lookout for these targeted bonus offers via email and on the British Airways website to earn two or three times the standard amount of Avios on your next booking. These promotions will likely decrease under the new earning structure, so maximize them.

. Spend on the British Airways Visa Signature Card

British Airways co-branded credit cards, issued by Chase Bank, currently offer the highest sign-up bonuses and ongoing earning rates of any travel rewards cards. New cardholders can earn up to 100,000 bonus Avios after spending a certain amount in the first three months. Every $1 spent on the card makes 1.5 Avios. After October 2021, these cards’ bonuses and earning rates may decrease, so apply now to lock in the current offers.

  • Convert Hotel Points

If you have points with British Airways’ hotel partners like World of Hyatt, IHG Rewards, or Marriott Bonvoy, now is the time to transfer them to Avios at a 1:1 ratio. British Airways’ revamped frequent flyer program will likely devalue Avios to some degree, so converting your hotel points today means getting the maximum value from them before the changes take effect. Check with each hotel program for their current Avios transfer rates and details.

Make the next few months count by choosing the highest fare classes, watching for bonus offers, spending on British Airways credit cards, and converting your hotel points. Your Avios amount will thank you for it.
Strategizing Your Redemptions Under the New Avios Program
Under the new Avios program set to launch in October 2021, strategizing how you redeem your points will be vital to maximizing their value. Several options exist for redeeming Avios for flights and beyond.

. Flights

The primary use of Avios points is booking reward flights with British Airways and its partners. To determine the best time to redeem, you’ll want to compare the Avios required for a specific route over the next 12 months. Watch for off-peak dates when Avios rates are lower. Also, check rates for partner airlines, which may be lower. For short-haul flights, aim for Avios redemptions versus paying cash, but for long-haul, compare the total cost with Avios plus taxes/fees versus a discounted paid fare.

  • Hotel Stays

In addition to flights, Avios can be redeemed for hotel stays. The value you’ll receive depends on the property and room type. Do research on hotels of interest to determine the typical paid rates for rooms you’d book. Then, compare the number of Avios they would require for a free night’s stay. For the most incredible value, seek at least 1 cent per Avios or greater. Some Avios hotel partners offer a fifth night free on award stays, providing even greater value.

  • Car Rentals

You may also redeem your Avios for car rentals with Avis and Hertz. The number of points required depends on the vehicle type, location, and dates. As with hotels, compare paid rental rates versus the Avios needed to determine if redeeming points provide good value, aiming for at least 1 cent per point. Some periods, like weekends and holidays, may yield lower value.

You can make the most of your Avios points under the new program by thoroughly exploring your options and running comparisons. With some forethought and flexibility in your plans, you’ll find redemptions that provide maximum value and turn your points into unforgettable experiences.


You now have all the details on the new Avios earning rates for British Airways’ loyalty program. These changes aim to make earning and spending Avios simpler and more valuable for members. While the updates may only benefit some travel patterns or member tiers equally, focusing earnings on the total fare paid rather than segments flown is a logical shift. British Airways has made a thoughtful effort to balance rewarding loyal customers with managing costs and remaining competitive.
If you regularly fly British Airways, review how these changes may impact your travel and adjust your booking or earning patterns accordingly. The program revamp aims to strengthen the relationship between British Airways and its frequent flyers for the long haul.

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